Another Touch Screen Phone

The HTC Rhyme just came out for Verizon. It seems to be a good phone and HTC is a good company but honestly who cares?

It’s another Android phone with a big hi res touch screen and cameras and an LED light and a cool interface. It has all the features of an iPhone which has all the features of a Droid which has all the features of an Evo. Nothing matters anymore.

Beale Street

When you talk about Beale Street do your friends say things like “Uuugh, why would anyone want to go there?” Do you say those things? I don’t understand it.

Beale Street is fun. It’s really fun! There is live music all the time. For free anyone can walk down the street and hear 2 to 7 live musicians that are all really good playing blues and rock and roll all day. Want a beer? Walk in any direction and you’ll probably bump into a counter where you can buy a large beer to drink and carry around with you place to place. Hungry? Despite what most memphians seem to believe there is really good food on Beale too. Mrs Pollys may have the best chicken and waffles in town, Johnny G’s is true good New Orleans creole food, Dyers burgers was featured on the food network for their long tradition of greasy burgers.

There’s even goats! Two live goats have a pen in the Silky O’Sullivans courtyard. Can we put this to rest memphis? I know it’s crazy on a friday or saturday night but that’s like hating the grocery store because you only go there at 5pm on weekdays. There are also a lot of tourists down there… why not meet some and expand your horizons? That’s all. I love Memphis and I love downtown so I had to say something about it. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Been a While

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. The last post on programming languages was a bit difficult and the break was nice. I’m always open to topics people are interested in learning about and you can submit them via comments here. I have been more active lately exercising and doing parkour. In fact my group got an article in the paper for doing parkour in Memphis. I’m pretty happy with it and its done a lot of good for letting people know parkour is available here.

I’m also running a lot to get ready for Luv Mud, a dirt and obstacle 5k race. I’m really bad at running so I’m doing a lot of it. I want to be competitive but that may be unrealistic. I guess that’s all for now. I’ll be working on another tech article soon, till then stay happy.

Programming Languages for the Internet

These aren’t all programming languages and this list doesn’t have every web programming language possible on it but this is generally (in no particular order) what you will encounter in the world of web design, development, programming, or whatever else you want to call making things online. This list is more like what you’d see in a job description or on a resume as opposed to purely being a list of programming languages. So here are the languages we will cover:

Type: A markup language, not a programming language.
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is what websites are made of. When you view the source of a webpage you are seeing html. It is structured as an

Google Silently Launches Chromebooks

The google laptop has come to retail. There was a stir a few months ago when google gave a select few chrome OS laptops out to testers. Today I went to read an article on The Register and saw an ad to buy one. It took me to this amazon page.

Apparently they are available from several common laptop makers and all feature the signature chrome keyboard where caps lock is replaced with a search button. Most use a small solid state drive and are netbook sized. Not much of a value compared to their competition but it’s way cheaper than a macbook air (and a lot less powerful). Do you think this line has any hope?

Analysing Euclideons Graphics Engine

Note: This is an article on 3d graphics technology. I will try to keep it as approachable as possible but it’s not the easiest material in the world.

There’s a new graphics company that wants to change the video game industry. Euclideon is an Australian company working on a point cloud based approach to 3d graphics as opposed to the long standing polygon based approach. They are not the first people to make or even implement this approach as this somewhat angry blog post points out but they seem to have the most efficient and nicest looking implementation to date.


Their video explains the concept of what they are doing very well and throws out lots and lots of really huge numbers. I find their efforts promising but they have many hurdles to get over first.

How Much Website do I Need?

The first question is do you need a website? If not do you just want a website? Either way how much can you afford, and how much can your customers actually handle? Finally you need to think about things that aren’t a website at all but they are part of your web presence.

If you are a business you should have something online. That doesn’t actually have to mean a full on website but

What’s an app?

The word has become ubiquitous. The iPhone has apps, Android devices have apps, the Chrome browser has apps and now Mac OS has apps too. So what are they? How can they be the same things in all these places? What if you want one of your own?

I’ll start by lifting a convenient definition from Wikipedia like all good web authors these days

“…a lightweight application, tailored to a device’s form factor and input-output interfaces (key pad, touch pad, remote control, display, etc)”

Not bad but we need more specifics. App is short for application which is a term that’s been used in computing since the invention of programmable computers. Sometimes called application software it pretty much means a computer program used by a person to do a thing (as opposed to programs that talk to each other, park a car, or ID faces without a person running it).

A Brave New Website

This is it, the new It’s not fancy (yet), I don’t really plan on making a pretty looking site because that’s not what I do. I make things work but in this instance I am trying to spread some of the knowledge that is natural to me. I’m making a technology blog as the mainstay of the site. I work at a newspaper and they just don’t have any tech news. I don’t blame them because it’s local to Memphis TN and there’s just not a need if your focus is the local market. Of course there are articles on tech happening here in the city but those will be sparse.

If you have any questions then comment them here (or anywhere). What do you want to ask a programmer, a scientist, a computer engineer, a phone designer, an internet architect. I can give you answers to all of these things if you want them so let me know.

List of Memphis Statues

This is a work in progress. Once it’s done I’ll add it to wikipedia. Please add any you know of by commenting.

  • 4 elvis statues downtown
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Buddha
  • Religious statue of liberty
  • Ramses
  • W.C. Handy
  • E. H. “Boss” Crump
  • greek statues at the courthouse facing adams
  • Tom Lee (in tom lee park)
  • Soldier in overton war memorial

Someone reccomended going through elmwood for all the ones there. Also CBU campus and theatre memphis.