A Brave New Website

This is it, the new jonathanmccarver.com. It’s not fancy (yet), I don’t really plan on making a pretty looking site because that’s not what I do. I make things work but in this instance I am trying to spread some of the knowledge that is natural to me. I’m making a technology blog as the mainstay of the site. I work at a newspaper and they just don’t have any tech news. I don’t blame them because it’s local to Memphis TN and there’s just not a need if your focus is the local market. Of course there are articles on tech happening here in the city but those will be sparse.

If you have any questions then comment them here (or anywhere). What do you want to ask a programmer, a scientist, a computer engineer, a phone designer, an internet architect. I can give you answers to all of these things if you want them so let me know.

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