Google Silently Launches Chromebooks

The google laptop has come to retail. There was a stir a few months ago when google gave a select few chrome OS laptops out to testers. Today I went to read an article on The Register and saw an ad to buy one. It took me to this amazon page.

Apparently they are available from several common laptop makers and all feature the signature chrome keyboard where caps lock is replaced with a search button. Most use a small solid state drive and are netbook sized. Not much of a value compared to their competition but it’s way cheaper than a macbook air (and a lot less powerful). Do you think this line has any hope?

1 thought on “Google Silently Launches Chromebooks

  1. Maria

    they are working with Citrix, the comapny have servers running softwares like photoshop, microsoft office, after effects, etc. The thing this is an evolution, making people use more Chrome web browser, of course, a clever marketing strategy. So when they release the 1gb per second internet (kansas is the first that they are builting up the infraestructure) then we are gonna be able to use photoshop, after effects, etc, without ram and cpu, because of the servers are running that.

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