Who’s site is this?

I’m Jonathan. Currently I am a programmer working at Lokion in Memphis TN. I like it here. I grew up in Memphis. I dance, I’ve done some acting in plays and in short films. I used to do a lot of martial arts and I frequently practice parkour.

Check out the technology section for some good info. I try to give people the most accurate information I can but if I am ever wrong you can let me know.

I’ll try not to make this site too philosophy heavy but I think happiness is very important so be happy today, find something to be happy about. I believe that all things one could seek come from happiness and its pursuit. Some would call that selfish but that simply reflects a shortsighted version of the idea. Being happy means doing what gives the most pleasure to you and the people you know over your whole lives and from that comes our sense of morality and good and responsibility. So .. be happy.

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