On Conspiracy and Society

What’s the biggest conspiracy of all? What’s really at the top of the ladder? Who is pulling all the strings.

Most of the time the answer is no one. Nothing. There is no plan, there is no hoax and there is no ulterior motive. That’s not true all the time. After all the rich are rich and they plan to stay that way. Beyond that most conspiracy theories are rooted in a fear so deep people don’t acknowledge it. The fear that you aren’t important.

It’s deep inside us all. The fear that we could be trivial, inconsequential. As well as the fear that no one is running anything. If we can identify that someone or a group is trying to corrupt us or take away what is ours we find purpose in the fact that we have something to defend. It proves we are real and valid members of society to think that others want to take away our validity. Most of the time it’s self perpetuated aggrandizing.

The second fear, the idea that no one is running anything and we are making huge mistakes due to oversights and apathy, is bigger than us all. No one mentions it. No one rebuts anthers idea saying that our grand problems are our own to accept. We will create a scapegoat instead because honestly it’s too painful and difficult to face all that is wrong. We are each human beings that form a fabric of reality from our own existence on this earth and we all exist together in an undeniably linked way. The great ills we might identify are not an attack on us, they are us. ‘Evil’ is part of the reality of humans and every one of us is a part of problems and of solutions.

So what? How do we address … reality? How do we take on greed and disparity and defending of what we find right? Well I don’t know. I didn’t start writing this because I have a solution for you. I want you to think.

The next time your fear breeds hate, or more simply when you feel wronged, think about what you blame. I’m not asking you not to lay blame. That is a part of what we are and how we work. Don’t deny your human nature but do pause. Ask yourself why you think that. Whether you are right to blame, and whether you’ve contributed to the problem you’re experiencing in your life. For you or for someone else.

Taking time to think about why we think what we think will guide us to a continuously improving society. We are people and people are amazing. We’ve made damn near everything. We’ve fed billions upon billions of others, we’ve innovated in ways that nothing else ever has for destructive and constructive ends so don’t despair about what we may become and how we are declining and devolving because YOU are Amazing. You reading this are an incredible being and you share life with a limitless supply of other imaginations. Work together, or better yet live together, with all, and let play and open thought guide you and thus all up and on and forward because you, and we are


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