If You’re in IT Learn to Use a Mac

I am a computer programmer by trade and a long time computer user. I’ve had a Macintosh Performa 405, a Compaq Presario, a poorly build hand made computer, a Macbook Pro, a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop, a better built custom computer, a toshiba touchscreen tablet pc, 2 kinds of iphone and a sony vaio that I am writing on now. I’ve administrated several linux servers remotely and run both red hat and ubuntu on home computers (deciding finally it’s not worth the work to run linux at home). Suffice it to say I’ve used a lot of computers.

In using dozens of different computers over the years I’ve noticed one thing, they are all computers. All of them do the same things. You can write documents, connect to networks, install programs, print, and browse the internet. None of this is particularly hard to figure out on a Mac but across the board I have seen IT departments that flatly give up when asked to do any of them using a non-windows computer.

10 years ago you could get away with acting like macs were a foriegn language and not supporting them but not today. Apple is the biggest company IN THE WORLD. It actually just beat oil in that competition. Every company is vying to get iPads pointed at their website or app and every consumer is either using or wishing they could afford a mac.

I know it’s easy to administrate for a group of windows pcs over a network but when it’s time to do your job it doesn’t matter what’s easy it matters what needs to get done. Figure macs out and be ready to work on them or someone else will and your value will fade away.

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