What is Marketing?

I worked for four years at an advertising agency but I don’t understand the way businesses interact with each other or with consumers. I’m a no BS kind of person but you can’t spell business without it. Where do you draw the line when it come to promotion? I know there is a need for people more aggressive than me to get the word out on things and win over customers but at some point you find entire companies centered around the sale of lies and lying ability.

I want to make quality products and a real quality product doesn’t need to be sold up, spun or tied to a gimmick. All it needs in fact is to be described. If I wanted to advertise my blog for example I would say simply:

I am a programmer with a highly analytical mind and I like to use this space to share topics of interest to me and hopefully bring my readers a source of contemplation. I welcome feedback of any nature.

That’s it, short post but some recent conversations made me want to say it.

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